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This blog is my attempt to work on my skills in teaching and communicating the importance of connecting abstract, theoretical concepts from science and technology studies, political ecology, environmental history, political science, organization and governance studies to the pragmatic question of how to confront the socio-ecological challenges confronting us today.

I hope to post once a week, usually on Sunday night (PST). Each post will aim for between 700 and 1000 words of plain language, to make the concepts as digestible as possible. I begin with a series of posts that discuss basic concepts from my fields that inform how I understand people and nature and frame my work on food safety governance. In the endnotes, I will try to provide citations and links for articles and books that provide a more in-depth treatment of the topic. As the blog progresses, I will weave in discussions of current events that highlight how the basic concepts may be used. Once there is sufficient foundation, I will also post about my own research progress in my studies of food safety and other ongoing research.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. These topics are complex and open to many interpretations, and there is also the likelihood that I will at some point just get something wrong. If that happens, I would appreciate your feedback! Also, please keep the language and the content on topic and respectful. I will remove hurtful or irrelevant comments, and will ban trolls and spammers.

If you are interested in making a guest contribution, one-off or regular, that would be great! Please email me, pbaur@berkeley.edu, so we can discuss.

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