Guest blog post for National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

I wrote a guest blog post along with several colleagues for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition summarizing the findings of our recently published research article, Inconsistent food safety pressures complicate environmental conservation for California produce growers. The paper is freely available to the general public.

We discuss how the complex patchwork of rules, standards, audits, and other requirements to “enhance” food safety in produce agriculture puts inconsistent and problematic pressure on farmers. These intense pressures can make farmers feel that they must adopt environmentally damaging practices to be extra safe. We are particularly concerned that, because of a food safety concern, many farmers are trying to prevent wildlife from entering farm fields by setting poison bait, removing habitat, and installing extensive fences.

Recent research, however, shows that these practices do not make food safer, and may even increase the risk that pathogens will contaminate crops in the field. Conservation and safety, in other words, can be practiced together on farms.


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